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For example: If you want to buy Bitcoins with Dollars, set FROM as 'USD' and TO as 'BTC' to get the cheapest Bitcoin deals. Similarly if you are looking to sell your Bitcoins, set FROM as 'BTC' and TO as 'USD' to get the highest price for your Bitcoin.

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Coinscanner uses live data from hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges to find the best way to buy cryptocurrencies using your fiat money and vice versa.

Arbitrage Oppurtunities

Arbitrage is the difference in an asset's value in different markets. We do the hard work for you and find arbitrage oppurtunities to help you make money on your trades.

Real-Time Data

Coinscanner fetches live data from hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges over the internet so you are the first one to know about the best trades.

Auto Routing

Is it better to buy Bitcoin or Ether to convert into your favorite altcoin? Let us do the math and show you the best way to go from your USD, EUR, INR to your favorite altcoin.

What is Signal?

Use signal to get an idea of the popularity of the trade. Trades on popular exchanges and with higher volume will have a higher signal. A signal value of 1 signifies either low trade volume or low popularity of the exchange.

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We only list the most trusted exchanges in the community. So you know you are safe and in good company.

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We love to hear from our community. Write to us with your feature requests, currency requests or exchange requests. And we'd try to get it on our platform as fast as possible. New exchanges can be integrated within a day. Let's make Coinscanner awesome.

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